21st century eCommerce

Modern eCommerce is flexible and global. You can choose if you see your product, ship it yourself or meet the customer. Most of all, it's available for everyone. Our mission is to make it even more scalable with automation.

Product & Supplier Intelligence

  • What to sell
  • Where to order
  • Which price

Marketplace & Customer Intelligence

  • Where to sell
  • When to sell
  • Who is the buyer

Automating your eCommerce business. Step by Step.

The Shoplifter eCommerce Automation Tools’ first feature will be available in August 2017. It’ll answer your first question: what to sell if you want to start and eCommerce business of your choice. Go for dropshipping or FBA, we’ll help you pick the product.

Dropshipping Professional Team

We scaled our own eBay drop shipping business from zero to $16k/m in 3 months. With our tech background the found a method to automate the whole process. Why not sharing it with you?

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Community Based Development

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