What is profit margin?

  The profit margin is a concept I’m business, used to determine the amount of money you earn, after all, expenses are deducted from the actual total sales. It is the percentage that determines how much is left from total … Continue Reading

What is a private label?

  The private label refers to a product that was manufactured by a company but is sold by a different company. It is more popularly known as “private brand” or “white label”. It is through private label branding that start-up … Continue Reading

What is Prestashop?

  Prestashop is an open-source online website that allows people to create an online store for free. What are the perks of using Prestashop? It’s free It’s free. It can’t get any better than that. Using the right skills, you … Continue Reading

What is a payment gateway?

  A payment gateway gives customers a more efficient and easier way of making payments. Usually, when customers shop online, they’d have to own a credit card, but through payment gateways, people with no credit cards can begin shopping online … Continue Reading

What is order history and order status?

What is order history? Order history is an online store feature that allows customers to keep track of all their previous purchases, as well as their order status. What is order status? An order status shows the entrepreneur and customer … Continue Reading

What is merchandising?

  Merchandising is the process of employing sale offers, pricing, display, and other techniques used to promote a product. To merchandise, a product means to present it at the right time, right place, right price, and the right quantity. What … Continue Reading

What is marketing research?

  Marketing research is the process of collecting information about a target market, subjecting it to certain analysis and interpretation. Marketing research aids entrepreneurs in making informed decisions, instead of relying on mere guesswork. How is marketing research important? It … Continue Reading

What is manufacturing?

  Manufacturing is the process of converting materials, components, and parts into a finished merchandise by way of manually or through the use of machines. The manufactured product can be sold to individual customers or to other companies looking to … Continue Reading

What is landing page?

  A landing page is a webpage that has no other purpose than to drive conversion. It is the web page people are directed to when they click an ad. What are landing pages for? Drives profit for online shops … Continue Reading

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of researching which keywords are usually typing in the search box when searching for items online. This is done so that the company will be able to work their search ranking up. What is the … Continue Reading